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Your Horse

I use only kind, compassionate and respectful treatment of my patients. Rough or harsh handling techniques will not be employed.

Taking the time and care to get to know your horse, I will always work within their limits and try to provide a positive outcome for all.

"First timers" and "nervous nellies" are welcome, just let me know if you think they may be nervous and I will make extra time available for your horse.

Sedation is not usually required, however in the unlikely event that it is, I will only allow a registered Veterinarian to administer it. It is illegal for anyone other that a registered vet to prescribe and administer sedation.

I use only manual hand tools and always use a 'gag' or mouth speculum. This is the ONLY effective way to accurately feel the oral structures and ensure precise filing of the teeth.

I am always reliable and will return your calls and emails promptly. I understand your time is valuable and will always endevour to notify you if I am running late. As a horse owner myself I know there is nothing more frustrating than sitting around waiting hours for the farrier/chiro/vet etc!

Please contact me if there is anything you would like to discuss, if you would like some advice or have any questions.

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