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Terms and Conditions

Appointment Times- I always endeavour to give clients as much notice as possible for their appointment times. Sometimes this is not possible due to having to wait on confirmations etc. If you have time restrictions for the booking date, you will need to notify me of this when making the booking.

Cancellation Policy- If you cancel an appointment with less then 24 hours notice, you will be charged a cancellation fee of $50. 

If you cancel an appointment twice, I will no longer be able to assist you. 

Deposits- Due to a high number of last minute cancellations, I am now taking deposits for the following-

                If travel is 30min+

                If there are more than 4 horses to treat

You can pay a deposit of $25 by bank transfer or credit card over the phone. The deposit will come off the total bill at the end of the treatment. Bookings will not be made until I have a copy of the payment. Unfortunately this may mean your booking is taken if the deposit is not done in a timely manner.


Travel Fee- A travel fee may need to be charged if I have cancellations in your area. This is a minimal charge and will only apply if I am traveling over 30 mins 1 way.

Wet weather- In the event of severe weather, I may have to postpone your appointment if no safe, dry area is available. Low carports and car garages are unsuitable. Please remember, this is for my safety as well as your horses.

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